PLUM DREAMS MEDIA LLC  is a communications company dedicated to transforming women’s lives and revolutionizing society by listening to our dreams – the Wisdom Within and our Inside Source. Through print, digital, and broadcast media, PDM explores the power of dreams to reveal, guide, and heal. PDM focuses on how dreams empower well-being, self-expression, relationships, and activism for positive social change.

PDM is the publisher of DREAMS AND THE WISDOM WITHIN, exploring the healing power of dreams,  and PLUM DREAMS DIARY: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine, a collection of dream narratives about the female psyche, by Joyce Lynn.

PDM publishes the political site, PLUM DREAMS JOURNAL (www.PlumDreams.com), focusing on dreams as the trim-tab for a more peaceful world and the educational dream site JoyceLynn.com.

Journalists, artists, writers, activists, spiritual seekers, and people of good will everywhere look to PDM publications for a unique approach to truth and consciousness.

Plum Dreams Media Editor and Publisher JOYCE LYNN was stymied writing a screenplay when she remembered her first dream. An image of five women entwined by work and play imparted the pivotal scene. Then, she faced a possible health crisis, and dreams guided her well-being. For decades, Joyce has called on the counsel of dreams in all aspects of her life.

The experiences redirected her career as a Washington, DC, political reporter toward writing, speaking, and teaching about dreams, well-being, and spirituality. She established Plum Dreams Media, a communications company with the mission of sharing dream guidance for the purpose of positive personal and societal change.

She has profiled how dreams influenced peace activist Cindy Sheehan, 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, health aficionado Caroline MacDougall, and collage artist Marsha Connell. She is the author of Plum Dreams Diary: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine and Dreams and the Wisdom Within.

To educate others, Joyce writes about and speaks to community and professional groups about the power of dreams to empower our lives. She teaches classes online and in person and leads dream circles on remembering, understanding, listening to, and expressing the messages of dreams, harbingers of the night.


choice, special, preferred, select, favorite; a shade of the color purple, signifying transformation

the language of the soul, the voice of the Divine spirit, speaking in images and symbols, to guide and heal

- nightly narratives imparting wisdom and inner strength; enhancing our creativity, talents, and abilities; leading to humanitarian and visionary action.


Joyce Lynn





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