DREAMS AND THE WISDOM WITHIN weaves a compelling narrative of the transformative power of dreams. Drawing on decades as a journalist and years of personal and professional experience with dreams, JOYCE LYNN offers a three-step healing blueprint and envisions a future of health care with dreams at the core.

Joyce revives dreams as a mandatory modality in our daily lives. The stories she tells extract dreams from the confines of religion, psychotherapy, and New Age rites, making dreams, studded amulets of ancient cultures, fashionable once again.

Dreams and the Wisdom Within empowers women, those most often disenfranchised by traditional medicine, custom, and mores. The book is also an invaluable resource for:

Nurses and health care practitioners desiring a true modern medicine;

Artists, writers, and journalists seeking to tell authentic stories;

Spiritual leaders searching for a gateway to the transcendent; and

Activists desiring a peace-filled world.

This book will inspire you … and change your life.

DREAMS AND THE WISDOM WITHIN by Joyce Lynn  ISBN 978-0-9834395-2-3    Publisher: Plum Dreams Media LLC, June 2018 —  $24.95 Paperback

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JOYCE LYNN is an award-winning journalist including eight years as a political reporter in Washington, DC. After dreams jumpstarted her creativity and ameliorated her health, she turned to the counsel of dreams to guide all aspects of her life. To educate others, Joyce writes, lectures, and teaches about calling on our nighttime messages for enhanced self-expression, well-being, relationships, and for social change.