PLUM DREAMS DIARY: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine

pdd-cover-use-smallIn Plum Dreams Diary, Joyce Lynn surmounts life’s vicissitudes on the wings of nocturnal poetry. Through words, images, and symbols, she takes the reader on a woman’s search for fulfillment in a world of confusing cultural messages.

She shares insights about mothers, men, modern medicine, and the nature of the Divine. Honest and humorous, this collection of dreams reveals perceptions of the contemporary female Psyche.

The dreams invite the reader to listen to her own sleeping mind.

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What Others Say about Plum Dreams Diary

“This collection of dreams takes us on a journey of redemption and healing.” –Doreen Stock, poet, The Politics of Splendor

“These dreams are poetry in the making.”
– Arlene Bernstein, author, Growing Season, A Healing Journey into the Heart of Nature

Journalist Joyce Lynn writes and advocates about the power of dreams to transform women’s lives.